Born into a rider and breeder family Christoph Zimmermann grew up in the equestrian center Meissenheim. Since his childhood he rode on national shows but also in New York, Rome and Paris. While still a student of political science, he ran a competition and sales barn and trained many students.

"I am the whole year at shows, auctions and with breeders in Germany and throughout Europe on the road to discover the best horses earlier than others do.
For my clients I could find World Cup and Global Champions Tour winner, medal winner at Junior and Young Rider Championships, winner in national and international Amateur Classes, aswell as Maclay Equitation and Hunter Champions.

Take advantage of my large network in the horse industry and my experience in buying and training of horses and riders.
It is my passion to find the best horses.
Find your new horse with us as well!"
Christoph Zimmermann

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  • 1st place Grand Prix of Oliva, Neumünster & Hagen
    3rd place Global Champions Tour Chantilly
    Numerous victories and placements at CHIO Aachen, Spruce Meadows, Rom

  • 5th place World Equestrian Games (Team), Caen
    Double-clear in the Nations Cups of Barcelona, La Baule, Arezzo

  • 1st place Nations Cup Abu Dhabi
    1st place Grand Prix Münster
    Numerous placements at CSI Kiel, Doha, Amsterdam, Hannover

  • 1st place Grand Prix Münster
    1st place Price of North Rhine-Westphalia CHIO Aachen
    3rd place Global Champions Tour Hamburg
    Numerous medals at European championships (Junior/Young Rider)

  • 1st place Nations Cup, Sopot
    4th place Championat of Knokke
    5th place Grand Prix, Wiesbaden
    5th place Gobal Champions Tour, Hamburg

  • 1st place Olympics, Athen
    3rd place World Equestrian Games, Jerez de la Frontera
    Best horse of the WEQ

  • 2nd place Pan American Games 2015
    International successfull in Aachen, Frankfurt & Salzburg
    Two time finalist of the german Bundeschampionat

  • 1st place Grand Prix Oslo
    1st place Nations Cup Abu Dhabi
    Numerours international victories and placements

  • Placed in the Grand Prix CHIO Aachen
    Successfull in Nation Cups & Global Champions Tour

  • 1st place Grand Prix Tryon, USA
    Successfull in Neustadt-Dosse, Wellington, Tennessee

  • 1st place Grand Prix Leck
    2nd place Grand Prix Pirmasens
    'Best Horse' Youngster Tour, Neumünster
    Successfull in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Poznan

  • 1st place German Bundeschampionat 2015 with score 9,5/10

  • Successfull in international classes in Hannover, Hamburg & Paderborn

  • Numerous victories and placements in the Youngster Tour

  • 2nd place Grand Prix Sommerstorf

  • 1st place Grand Prix Wiener Neustadt
    1st place Championat of Braunschweig
    Numerous victories and placements at CSI Hannover, Hagen, Salzburg, Frankfurt, Münster, Wellington

  • 1st place Championat of Frankfurt

  • 1st place Grand Prix Riga
    1st place Championat KielGroßer Preis von Riga
    Placed in in Göteburg, Helsinki, Dortmund

  • 4th place German Jumping Derby, Hamburg

  • 1st Place German championship women
    1st place Grand Prix of Odense

  • Approved stallion
    Numerous victories in Young horse classes with german grading 9,0

  • 2nd place German championship Young Rider
    3rd place Grand Prix Nörten-Hardenberg

  • 1st place Grand Prix Vlamertinge
    Successfull in Aachen, Calgary & Del Mar
    Qualified for world championship final of the 6 year old horses

  • Successfull in the Youngster-Tour

  • High Amateur Champion, Wellington

  • 1. Platz High Junior Classic, Wellington & Tryon

  • 3rd place Youngster Tour Oldenburg
    3rd place Youngster Tour Oliva Nova
    Successfull in 1.45m LR classes in Spangenberg, Norten-Hardenberg & Hamburg

  • 1st place Grand Prix Schwerin

  • Placed in Nörten Hardenberg & Spruce Meadows

  • Successfull in the Youngster Tour

  • High Junior Champion, Wellington & Kentucky
    1st place U25 European Youngster Cup

  • 1st place Youngster Tour Bonhomme

  • Medium/High Amateur Champion in Kentucky, Wellington & Tryon

  • Victorious in the international Youngster Tour

  • Placed in the Youngster Tour of Neustadt-Dosse, Sommerstorf and Spruce Meadows

  • Successfull in Braunschweig, Oliva, Washington

  • Successfull at the German 'Bundeschampionat'
    International Placements in Verden & Odense


Hunter /



  • Successfull in Damme, Neumünster, Kiel

  • Successfull in the international Youngster Tour

  • Numerous victories and placements in the Youngster Tour

  • Victories and placements in the international Youngster Tour



My partner and I have a limited number of places for training of talented and ambitious riders and horses.
Almost every weekend we start at international shows and at national training tournaments during the week.
Our stable is located 20 minutes away from Hamburg airport and downtown Hamburg.
The large indoor arena has a size of 30 x 70 meters, the small indoor has the size of 20 x 40 meters. The barn has a large grass and a sand ring. For the further training of our horses are lunging ring, walker and treadmill available. The barn also offers pastures and paddocks.
The veterinary clinic and rehabilitation center "Sanakena" (Dr. Schäfer and the german team vets Dr. Swagemakers & Dr. Koehne) is only five minutes away.
There is a restaurant on the barn.  Many hotels of all categories are in the immediate vicinity.



Christoph Zimmermann
Schenefelder Landstraße 8b
25421 Pinneberg

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. For any request contact Anne Fischbach.

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Christoph Zimmermann
Schenefelder Landstraße 8b
25421 Pinneberg

Tel +49 (0) 174 975 86 44
Fax +49 (0) 40 819 974 39

VAT: DE248823975

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